With its stately brick buildings and vast gardens, Austin Country Club is one of the most beautiful places in the city. It’s just a short drive from the historic district in the south part of town.

The Austin Country Club is one of the few golf courses that offers self-golfing to its members, who are encouraged to visit it for their weddings. All-inclusive packages are available for wedding receptions that feature golf as an essential component.

Even though the golf course is a short distance from the wedding location, you may want to consider coming early to secure your tee time at the best time. ATX Wedding films You’ll also want to keep in mind that after your wedding, you should arrive well before the gates open.

Though the wedding vendors usually set up the reception chairs around lunchtime, the Austin Country Club usually has more tables than usual because of its large wedding parties. There will be enough space for buffet platters and more oeuvres.

To make the event feel more like a real traditional affair, Austin Country Club has opened up the banquet hall so that couples can actually have their cake and eat it as well as drink champagne. In addition, there is a special champagne bar available if you want to sip champagne while enjoying your meal.

Wine can also be served in standard glasses, or a chilled one can be bought and taken from the concession stand. For appetizers, the Austin Country Club has a wide selection of caterers available to serve salads, vegetables, pasta and main dishes.

At the Austin Country Club, where the menus change weekly, your wedding party will not only be served the finest cuisine from Austin and the surrounding areas, but your guests will also be treated to an extensive menu selection. The food choices can vary depending on the theme and personality of the bride and groom.

Brides that like to party can select a relaxed atmosphere at the Austin Country Club. If you would rather have a more formal affair, your options are very different.

When planning your weddings at Austin Country Club, you will notice that each course offers a certain style and vibe. After all, the tradition of a country club wedding is to wear country style clothes with a wedding party theme.

Some of the available themes include antique, historical, garden, ranch, beach, state fair, golf, country and western and the list goes on. The best thing about a wedding at the Austin Country Club is that you can customize your menu to reflect your personal tastes and preferences.

For instance, you can choose a cocktail hour, which provides you with the opportunity to discuss various options. It’s just an added bonus that you’ll be able to sample a number of cocktails and get tips for making your own special drink.

Some people prefer to stick to the regular outdoor activities that include horseback riding, fishing, river cruises and golf. If you are looking for something more exciting for your weddings at Austin Country Club, then you can also try some of the indoor activities, including a barrel racing track, a nine hole mini golf course and a kiddie playground.